10 Useful Technology Tips and Tricks you wish you knew earlier

10 Useful Technology Tips and Tricks you wish you knew earlier

Using technology to its optimal level is always easy when you know your way around it. If you already know some tips and tricks of using computers, chances are that you have studied computers or have worked with them long enough to know certain shortcuts to help increase your productivity. If you are like most of the population and are unaware of certain tricks which could take your productivity to another level, this post is for you.

Here are 10 tips and tricks that will make your life a bit easier:

  1. Do you need to jot something down and don’t have a pen and paper handy?

In this world where technology is ubiquitous and fewer people have a pen and paper handy when they need it. Fear not, Google has you covered. You can simply open a temporary notepad in your browser and in the address bar type:

“data:text/html, <html contenteditable>”

Make sure to bookmark the tab as ‘NOTEPAD’, so that you access the tab  whenever you need it. 

  1. Want to control your computer from one folder?

Accessing your computer’s setting via Control Panel has always been the norm. What if you are like me and want all the settings to control your Desktop or Laptop under one roof. If you are using Windows operating System, you are in luck. Simply, create a folder and copy and paste the following –

” Control Panel Shortcuts.{ed7ba470-8e54-465e-825c-99712043e01c}“ All the setting regarding your desktop or laptop will be conveniently available to you in one folder

  1. Looking for a way to completely delete one or more of your accounts?

Are you one of those people who have created an account – may it be a social account or any other personal account, and now wish you could simply delete the whole account? There is a solution to your problem. Site such as AccountKiller.com, guides you through the process of completely deleting your account and all the information within the account. With the step by step guidance to deleting accounts from sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Github, Medium and many more – deleting accounts has never been easier. 

Account Killer -Technology Tips and Tricks
  1. Do you want to find out if your email has been compromised?

In this technology struned world, where big companies are being hacked left and right – you want to find out if your information has been compromised or not. If you think that way, you are not alone. As a result of which site like HaveIBeenPwned.com, checks your email and validates whether or not your email has been compromised in a data breach. 

Have I been pawned - Technology Tips and Tricks
  1. Have a cool username in mind, and want to find out if it’s available?

Lets face it, we all wish we had cool names or nicknames. As we already have our legal name and can’t change that – as much as we like. The only place where we can constantly change our name is in the virtual world. Site like Namechk.com, allows a user to check the availability of a username across multiple platforms may it be Facebook, Google, YouTube, Yelp, WordPress among many others. Simply type in your desired username and let the system check whether it is taken or not. This will save you a lot of time when you actually make an account. 

Namechk - Technology Tips and Tricks
  1. Do you wish there was an easier way to text and walk without bumping into people or things?

Texting and walking is the norm in a world where smartphones are ubiquitous. People are always on the phone and more often than not, they will bump into things while they try to text and walk – sometimes leading to serious accidents and injuries. As a result of which developers have come up with a clever solution to tackle this modern problem. Text and Walk, an application which uses the back camera to convert your front screen transparent, making it easier for you to see where you are going and not get yourself or others in any kind of problem. In Android the app Walk ‘n Text and in Apple the app Type n Walk; free and costing $0.99 respectively, use the same principle to help pedestrians walk without bumping into people or objects.

  1. Do you have a lot of ingredients at home and do not know how to use it before it goes bad, forcing you to throw it away?

More often than not, we all have small portions of ingredients like left over meat, a cup of beans or a bit of rice. Now you would like to use these to create a dish but do not know how to go about making it. Sites such as: Supercook.com and MyFridgeFood.com, allows you to select the ingredients you have at home – and display a list of recipes you could create according to your selection or input. This is a very handy website to make sure nothing you bought goes to waste. Supercook have also developed their very own Android application, which can be obtained here.

Supercook - Technology Tips and Tricks
  1. Do you have a tune stuck in your head and can’t figure out which song it is?

We all have faced this problem, when you have an ‘ear-worm’ – a tune from a song plays on repeat in your head, and you cannot figure out which song it is. If you are like millions of people who have suffered from this issue, your only option is to try and search for the name of the song by the tune or a fragmented line that you do remember in Google. Now there is an easier way to alleviate you from the problem. Midomi.com is a website, which lets you search for a song via a tune you can hum into your microphone or type the bits of lyrics you do remember. According to the input, the site displays the song that matches the profile, saving you long tedious hours of searching. Give it a try, and you will be glad you knew about this site. 

Midomi - Technology Tips and Tricks
  1. Do you need to install multiple programs and don’t have time to do it one at a time?

Lets face it, it’s always a hassle to set up a new computer with all the essential programs that you will use. It takes a lot of time and effort to set up everything. This problem is endured by people not just setting up a new computer, but by those who just formatted their computer and need to start from scratch. If you are one of those people who would like to install all the required programs in a single instance, you are in luck. Ninite.com is a web application, which allows you to do just that. Just pick the software you would like to be installed, and the application takes care of the rest. Gone are those days, when you have to search and install all the required software, one at a time. Ninite allows you to save time and get all the required applications under a single place. Give it a try, it is the ultimate time saver.  

Ninite - Technology Tips and Tricks
  1. Do you have a file in PDF format and need to edit the content in the file but don’t know how?

There are times when your friends, teachers or colleagues give you a file in .pdf format  and you have to edit the contents of the file. We all know that any file in .pdf format is hard to edit unless you have a special software just for that purpose. More often than not, you will have to pay for such software. PDFEscape.com is a free system which allows you to edit contents online or via a downloadable system (for Windows), once you create an account. There are certain features that can only be accessed if you pay for the service, but for general editing of a file, the system is perfectly suited for that. Why not give it a try? You might find your next best software. 

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